Another Facebook hoax is going around (and has been going around for years) that sounds like this:

Omg ….My friend just posted this and I tried it to see if it was real. It is! I blocked about 30 people that were “following” me. Most from other countries. Go check yours.
FB family and friends please do the following: Go to your account settings
Go to Block
Go to Block Users
Type in “Following Me” without the quotes
Surprisingly there were people following my FB page with names I cannot even pronounce. Very scary!! They are all blocked now. I thought my FB page was set for friends to view my post only but I learned that I was wrong…

A couple things to point out here:

  • Unless you change your privacy settings to allow the public to follow you, no one can just choose to follow you. Learn about who can follow you here. Check your own account settings here.
  • The list you’re looking up is actually where you go to block users. This does not show who is following you. This is where to go to literally block anyone from being able to see you on Facebook.

As with any fear-mongering post on Facebook, a simple Google search will quickly explain that it’s a hoax. So if you’d like to take part in not sharing false information and hoaxes, before you share posts like this, take a moment to check whether it’s even valid. Many of these are not.

For more information, check out my short video: