I love my iPhone 4S because it helps me get through the day. It tracks my sleep patterns. It tells me who’s singing that song playing on the radio right now or whether that guy on Oz was also on the Cosby Show.

It also helps me remember things. Well, more like helped me.

After one of the many recent updates (one of which failed miserably and set my phone back to it’s original settings—pretty sure that was a user error, but frustrating nonetheless) my phone downright refused to keep any reminders for me. She had no explanation why, just plain refusal.

I put a bandaid on the situation by still asking her to remember stuff for me then taking a screenshot of it before she rejected my request, but come on, I just need my reminders to work.

The solution ended up being stupid simple, but not in an obvious setting location. Apparently during an update, I had neglected to turn my reminders on in iCloud.

Here’s how: Settings > iCloud > Reminders (make sure the button is in the on position).

I turned reminders on in the iCloud then opened my reminders and there they were! Now I can get back to being productive!