I was so excited to see this message today!

I was so excited to see this message today!

As you probably already know, Twitter started rolling out a new profile design in early April, 2014. Unless you were one of the select few who got it initially or a new Twitter user, chances are you’ve been patiently awaiting your chance at the new design. Well, today was my lucky day!

How You Are Notified

You’re not. I hadn’t seen anything online explaining how you find out if/when you get the new layout. So naturally, I’ve been checking my profile multiple times a day to see if they had changed over my account yet. Last week, I noticed an account that I set up several months ago to claim but don’t actively use had the option of switching over, but mine, which I use daily, didn’t have the option.

Based on my experience, Twitter will not email or notify you in any way other than show the message in the image above on your profile page. So if you’re not checking your profile page, you won’t not know that the new design is at your fingertips.

What Has Changed?

A lot of changes have been made and critics are saying it looks like Facebook now, but that’s not a problem in my opinion. Twitter has been known as more of a text version of Facebook, so this just allows a more attractive layout.

New Dimensions

The new 2014 Twitter dimensions are as follows:

  • Header image: 500 pixels high x 1500 pixels wide
  • Profile image: 400 pixels x 400 pixels
Here's a template for the new header and profile Twitter dimensions for the update starting April 8, 2014.
Here’s a template for the new header and profile Twitter dimensions for the update starting April 8, 2014.

How Do I Get the New Twitter Profile Design?

Want it now? You can get it now! Click here to get it. Check out the video to see how it’s done:

I Have the Message, Now What?

First, I would recommend preparing your header and profile images, but don’t upload them yet. Second, I click the “Turn it On” button to make the switch. Even if your profile looks terrible with your current header stretched out to fit the new dimensions, just go for it. Then, once you’ve made the switch, go ahead and update your header and profile images.

How to Design a New Twitter Header in Photoshop

How Do I Get My Old Profile Back?

Don’t like the new Twitter design and want your old profile back? I’ve been searching for a way to switch it back and have not had any luck yet, so if you’ve made the switch and don’t like it, you’re stuck, at least for now. The closest I’ve found is there may be some third-party apps that will feed your Twitter how you prefer. If I do find a way to switch it back, I will let you know and post a tutorial video to show you how. But it might be a good idea to just get used to it and hold tight until the next inevitable design change.