There’s loads of social analytic tools out there, some even built right in to the social media site (Facebook Insights & Twitter Analytics), but when it comes to reporting your social efforts to your manager or client, it’s helpful to have something to report quantitative and qualitative data. It doesn’t have to be complicated and it will show exactly how on top of your social sites you are.

Maybe you’re having someone manage your social media for you and you’d like to measure their effectiveness and set goals together. This is a great way to review your sites monthly, see what is being done, what’s effective, what’s not and to set goals and plans for the upcoming month. This is also a way to review all your social sites in one place and find similarities between all of them.

It’s important to review your accounts monthly to set benchmarks and to make changes when things are working as expected.

Keep in mind that sometimes likes and un-likes can happen for no apparent reason. But there should usually be a general trend pattern or spikes that will occur during advertising.

Below is a sample monthly social media report example. Feel free to copy & paste it into your favorite spreadsheet software and make it your own. This is a great base to track progress, see what’s working and set goals and you can adjust it to fit your social media needs.

Monthly Social Media Report Example




Google +

Importance Rating:
(most, somewhat, least)

Fan Growth

Current # of Fans

Last Month # of Fans

Percentage +/-

Reasons for growth?


Current Strategies

Types of posts

Post regularity

What’s New?

What seems to be working?

What should be discontinued?

Advertising results:

New Strategies

Focus for next month:

Ideas to try next month:


Increase fan base by:

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