A constant challenge for social media marketers is to find quality content to keep your audience engaged. Although having a quality Twitter feed is a great way to find content, it’s time consuming to sort through all the data.

Allow me to introduce you to a content solution: Paper.li

Paper.li is a content curation service that allows users to create custom online “newspapers” containing content the users select. In addition, Paper.li can send out automatic tweets to publish fresh content to your Twitter feed to increase engagement.

Once you sign up for Paper.li (which is simple—just use your Twitter account to log in!) click the link to create a paper. You have two options: to create a paper based off your Twitter account or to create a custom paper. Both options allow customization, so if you’re hesitant to create a paper from your Twitter account because it may not be as relevant as you want, be aware that you can tailor it to your needs.

Once your paper is created, you can find and select additional sources or create filters for your current sources. While I am interested in local news, that’s not a topic I want included in my content, so in my timeline links source, I created a filter that will pull only specific keywords I want in my paper.

To set up automatic tweets, click on Promotion & Emails and check the Twitter box. You will also want to go into Settings to set the update frequency to daily, morning & evening or weekly editions. The more often it updates, the more tweets will be sent out.

Once you have reviewed your settings, click on the Update Paper button, then click on View Paper to review the content. Adjust your sources to increase or decrease the content as well as relevancy.

Paper.li also has a bookmarklet you can simply drag and drop onto your bookmark bar to add content from anywhere on the web to your paper.

So now, every time you need content, simply bring up your Paper.li page and share away!

For business and marketing content, check out my paper: http://paper.li/sallyulianich/1371488938