I must admit I am addicted to Twitter.  I love the constant Twitter feed, always updating, leaving me waiting for what every new Tweet will bring.  In exchange, I want to be sure to keep my followers entertained as well.

A while back, I explained how to create your own custom Twitter background, which is a start to having an effective presence on Twitter.  Today I’m going to give you a few tips on how to be a more effective Tweeter.

  1. Tweet about things you are interested in.  It sounds simple, but a major question that comes up when people debate using their Twitter account is “I don’t know what I would tweet about.”  Over time, you will build your own social media tribe that shares your interests, and until then, by tweeting items of interest, you can connect with your future tribe members.
  2. Tweet regularly.  To build credibility, you need to build content.  You build content by tweeting regularly.  Now, you don’t need to send out 10 tweets at a time – that makes you look like you are trying too hard.  You also don’t need to sign in multiple times a day to tweet – that’s counterproductive to other tasks.  Instead, try a tweet automater such as Buffer so you can load up multiple tweets to be distributed throughout the day or week.
  3. Re-Tweet.  If someone you follow tweets something exceptionally interesting or helpful, re-tweet it.  You can re-tweet it directly or create  a new tweet crediting them.  This works two-fold because it shows up on their feed giving you exposure to their followers and it credits them, giving you their attention.  Some users publicly thank for RT’s so you can get additional exposure.
  4. Use hashtags.  If you are still fairly new to Twitter, you may wonder why people include things like #WhenImBored or #HungerGames in their tweets.  Hashtags are a way to tag keywords in your tweets so others interested in those topics can easily find your tweets.  This is another great way to build your social media tribe—by connecting with others who use the same keywords frequently.
  5. Tweet about trending topics.  One of the fastest ways to get profile views and potential followers is to tweet about a popular topic.  You’ll find a list of Trending Topics when you log in to your Twitter account and you can also find top stories by clicking on the #Discover tab.  Tweet about one of those topics and you’ll be pretty popular for a while!

What tips have made you an effective Tweeter?  Do you follow me on Twitter?  Do I follow you?