In creating this blog, I reached a dilemma: is it better to focus on one blog or maintain multiple blogs to focus on different topics?

I googled my question and while I was hoping I would find the golden answer,  instead found compelling arguments for both sides.

Do I want to be a “jack of all trades, master of none” or should I narrow my focus to somewhat related topics so I can tie in everything I write?  Well, previously, I had multiple blogs, nine actually.  The quantity of posts varied greatly.  One didn’t even have any posts yet because it was merely an idea I wanted to follow over the summer, but I wasn’t ready to start yet until I got further into the topic.

Would it be easier to have just one blog?  Yes, definitely it would.  But are my topics that closely related that I can clump them all together into one blog?  Not really.  Some, I definitely could, but I think it would be confusing to mix my design portfolio with my fitness blog or my TV show synopsis blog with my gardening blog.

Do I want to mix my personal writing with my professional writing?  Do I want to separate my personal and professional identities?  Being a creative person interested in writing, are my personal and professional identities all that different?

I think the primary question I need to focus on is: what is my ultimate goal in having a blog?  The answer is pretty simple: I want a place where I can showcase my writing and my design.  Magazines have incredibly varied topics, so why can’t my blog?

The answer is clear.  What I so recently thought was so confusing has been clarified.  Looks like I will be a one blog woman.  Stay tuned.