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Facebook has become more than just a social networking site to share content with friends; it has become a powerful marketing resource. Offering some of the most powerful targeting resources, businesses of all sizes can increase their customer bases through advertising and relationship building.

In this book, I will share all the useful information I know about creating a successful Facebook page and best practices for marketing to current and potential customers, from understanding the basics of what exactly Facebook is and how businesses can use it as a powerful marketing tool to learning how to schedule posts and create goals for business growth.

Learn from my experiences so you can succeed as a social media marketer on Facebook!

Topics Covered:
-What is Facebook?
-Why Does Facebook Matter?
-How to Create a Business Facebook Page
-Making Your Page Look Great with Profile & Cover Images
-What to Post on Your Business Facebook Page
-Engaging with Fans
-Facebook Contests & Sweepstakes
-How to Schedule Facebook Posts
-Growing Your Fan Base Organically
-Growing Your Fan Base with Facebook Ads
-4 Reasons Why You Should Never Buy Likes for Your Facebook Page
-Measuring Your Success

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Click to view on Everything I’ve Learned About Facebook: A complete guide on how to create, strategize, manage and promote your Facebook page to increase customer base and brand awareness for any size business

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